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Client Testimonials


Off-season & Pre-contest

"I loved my off season prep with Jay.  I was making progress without having to be 100% strict, I still enjoyed life and the foods I loved the most.  She tweaked my diet when needed and was very attentive when I voiced or had any questions or concerns.  My prep was very smooth as well, she paid very close attention to details.  I got all my questions answered and made a major transformation from bikini to figure." - Jessica Smith, Crestview FL, Nationally Qualified NPC Figure Competitor


"I was referred to Janaan Parms through another friend in the military that thought I could benefit from her coaching style.  Today, I'm just in awe of where we started in Dec '16 to where we are now Jul '17, now, 2 NPC shows later, placing 2nd and becoming Nationally Qualified!  Through Jay's knowledge, expertise, and patience, I got my body just exactly the way I wanted.  Every week with her is a NEW lesson!  The only coach I could trust when it comes to my physique and health!  Getting under her wing was one of my best steps I ever made and I couldn’t be more thankful for her input and guidance.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank Coach Jay for educating and supporting me through my bodybuilding journey, as it has truly been a life changing experience." Tiffany Jones, San Antonio TX, Nationally Qualified NPC Figure Competitor

Off-season & Pre-contest

"I began working with Jay back in 2013.  I had already lost some weight by working out and doing what I thought was dieting, but I really wanted to take my body to the next level and try to compete in a bikini fitness competition.  I had no idea where to even begin.  I had seen Jay often at our local gym and I knew she was a competitor by the way she looked, carried herself, and trained!  I finally worked up the courage to speak to her; she was so nice, down to earth, and willing to work with me!  Once I told her my goals not only did she help me attain them, but she also changed my lifestyle for the better!  I had never prepped for a competition before so it's no surprise that I got discouraged often.  Jay was there every step of the way sending motivating text messages daily, answering any questions I had, and talking me through the days I wanted to throw in the towel!! She helped me get my body to a point that I never knew was possible at my age and as a mother!  I actually felt so comfortable and confident in a bikini again! November 2013 was my first competition!  It was a smaller local show by the  Global Physique Commitee.  I got on stage for the first time among a panel of 5 judges and an auditorium full of a bunch of strangers!!  When I got off I knew it was something I wanted to do again!!!  The following year I decided to step it up and try a bigger stage.  I competed in my very first NPC show!! Just when I thought I couldn't get my physique any better, Jay came to my rescue!  She helped guide me through another competition prep, making even more improvements to my physique!  I highly recommend her as a coach, she is there with you every step of the way, and she's very efficient and knowledgeable!!  Not only will you get results physically but you'll gain the knowledge you need to help sustain a healthy, fit lifestyle." - Taryn Cios-Webb, Las Vegas NV, NPC Bikini Competitor